"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion

                          and avoid the people, you might better stay at home"


                                                    - JAMES A. MICHENER



                                         Village de Santo is a unique island resort on Vanuatu’s picturesque Espiritu Santo
                                         Island - a marriage of unexplored rainforest, deserted turquoise beaches and world
                                         renowned diving. Your stay at Village de Santo is an unrivalled cultural experience.
                                         Nestled among local villages and a walk to town, the resort features 17 luxury open
                                         plan suites overlooking our lagoon pool and locally inspired Chief’s bar. With a focus
                                         on sustainable tourism, culture and the community, Village de Santo invites its guests
                                         to discover more of what matters.


Resort Accommodation

Vanuato Resorts, Village de Santo Resort, apartment interior

Our 17 semi self-contained suites are in 5 star conditions, built in true Melanesian style using local materials. All apartments are well equipped and easily adaptable to your needs.

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Restaurant 1606

Vanuato Resorts, Village de Santo Resort, Restaurant 1606

The chefs at Restaurant "1606" make all their own bread, chutney and jams. The restaurant offers local organic produce (market fresh) as well as Santo beef, fresh lobster and Poulet Fish.

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